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Server Profiles and WWNs

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Brian Proteau
Frequent Advisor

Server Profiles and WWNs

I am new to Virtual Connect so this is probably a pretty basic question. I created a new server profile for an ESX Host blade to troubleshoot an issue. The new profile corrected the issue but I see that new dynamic WWNs were also assigned.


Is it possible for me to remove the WWNs on the new server profile and add the old WWNs? This would just prevent backend SAN zoning and configuration to reflect new WWNs.


Just wanted to see if choosing a specific WWN was even a possibility since it would be the simplest option.

Respected Contributor

Re: Server Profiles and WWNs

Brian Proteau
Frequent Advisor

Re: Server Profiles and WWNs

Thanks. In this case it will be easier to reconfigure from the SAN side but, this is good to know. Appreciate the reply and the link.

Hongjun Ma
Trusted Contributor

Re: Server Profiles and WWNs

Likely not too many people know this "feature", it's hidden in CLI. Also, original post CLI syntax just gave you a brief idea but you may get syntax error by just following it.


I just did some quick test and posted an article on how to do this on VC for FC or FCOE connections in case it helps in the future. 


My VC blog: http://hongjunma.wordpress.com