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Server profile Question

Stefano Colombo
Regular Advisor

Server profile Question

We have a configuration as follow :

C7000 enclosure with some Blade servers.

2 Flex-10 Ethernet modules in slot 1&2 .

We configured the domain in "VLAN-MANAGED" .

Created 4 Uplink Sets each with 2 port of each FLex-10 modules (CED_A CED_B IT_A IT_B )

We created two vnet foreach VLAN we want to transport ( ie VLAN100_A VLAN100_B  VLAN101_A VLAN101_B)


The we created a profile for each blade.

In this profile we bound selected host ports to "multiple network" type . Then selecting the vnet ( VLAN ) to be received by the host lan interface.


All is working fine .

Question is about adding a new VLAN ,when needed , to suche configuration .

When we should add a VLAN we created  two vnet ( ie VLAN102_A VLAN102_B ) .

We add them to the corresponding Uplink sets .

So far no impact to the server .


When we need to add it to the "multiple network" associated to the host profile will we have to reboot it ?




Frequent Advisor

Re: Server profile Question



No a server reboot will not be required when adding a vlan/network to a NIC configured with Multiple networks.