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Swapping out VC-FC for FlexFabric modules question

Trusted Contributor

Swapping out VC-FC for FlexFabric modules question

Trung had a customer upgrade question:




I have a customer who wishes to swap out VC-FC modules for FlexFabric modules. They currently have FlexFabric in the enclosure already in interconnect slots 1 & 2, VC-FC in slots 3 & 4. The question raised is the migration from VC-FC to FlexFabric, can they retain the same WWN in the server profile as they have already provision storage.


My understanding is that we can delete the FC HBA in the profile and then add the FCOE HBA and it should retain the same WWN.  Can anyone confirm?




Reply from Chris:




Once the FC Connections are deleted, the assigned WWN’s will go back into the pool.  If you were to add the FCoE Connections immediately after deleting the FC Connections, they should be re-assigned.  I certainly have seen this behavior before. 




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