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Upgrading Interconnect Firmware

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Upgrading Interconnect Firmware

Hello all, I have just racked and cabled another C7000 chassis and noticed that one of the interconnects has a firmware mismatch.


I noticed this when I logged on to the Virtual Connect Manager and started creating Ethnernet Networks for my VMware setup.


When I click on the tools link and then go to Firmware Management to try and upload the latest firmware, it always fails.  What other ways can I attempt to upgrade the firmware?  The Interconnect is currently running 1.32 and everything else is running 1.34 which is a lot older than the latest firmware that I see on HP's download site.


Any help is appreciated.




Re: Upgrading Interconnect Firmware

There ia an offline utility called VCUtil.exe that can be used to upgrade VC firmware. Also, there are a few different VC upgrade files, depending on which VC-FC modules you have. The largest of which cannot be implemented via the GUI and VCUtil will be needed.

Download VCutil (version 1.4.1) from the same page you would get teh VC firmware from.

VC FW 2.32 is the latest version available today.

John R Bianchi
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Re: Upgrading Interconnect Firmware

I had a similar situation with a more extreme solution. Had a single SAN interconnect that would never update. The ethernet and any other SAN modules would update, but not this one. Tried both GUI and Util multiple times with no luck. Power cycled the module with no luck. Ultimate solution was to power cycle the whole enclosure. I've only had this happen once out of over 100 enclosures.
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Re: Upgrading Interconnect Firmware

You will likely need to download Virtual Connect Support Utility (VCSU).