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Uplinks across a Multi enclosure Domain question


Uplinks across a Multi enclosure Domain question

Hi guys I have a question that I haven't found an answer yet.


My setup is

3x C7000 Ecnlosures

Each C7000 has 2x Virtual Connect 10/10D v4.41. (Virtual Connect A and B)

Each Virtual connect has 2x10Gb LACP Fibre channel linked to Cisco Nexus 7000. (total of 6x LACP uplinks, 3x for VC Flex A and 3x for VC Flex B)

All are in Domain Full Stacking Stacking with 10Gb link

Ths Servers are ESXi Hosts and all Networks are in Vlan Tunneling.


My question:

In the Enclosure Stacking reference guide the examples only covers one uplink per enclosure. In my scenario all enclosures and all VC Flex in the enclosures have uplinks.

Is it possible to create one big LACP uplink between all VC Flex A os all enclosures and another to VC Flex B and configure them to all Blade Profiles (NIC A and B) in the entire Domain? Will the aggregation work and how will tthe domain decide on wich VC Flex uplinks the traffic will be routed?

In practice this is the same as a vPC (Virtual Port Channel) for Cisco.


Thank you


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Re: Uplinks across a Multi enclosure Domain question

I've never tried aggregating across VC modules in seperate enclosures and seriously doubt you can do it. You can't aggregate across VC modules (A and B ) in the same enclosure so it stands to reason.  I would just create trunks to each VC module in each enclosure and tag all your VLAN's in those trunks. No need to tunnel your VLAN's just create Shared Uplink Sets (one for each trunk). For example I call my SUS's VLANS-A and -B. These are the same across all your enclosures. I then carve out Ethernet Networks for each VLAN.


Don't forget about vMotion networking across enclosures. I use up a 10G port on each module in each enclosure although I only have two enclosures. So I go VCAenc1-X5 to VCAenc2-X5 and the same on VCB modules. With a 3rd enclosure I'm not sure how to setup a "ring" of connections to make it work. Set your vmo network as active/passive (VCAactive/VCBstandby). It is the fastest vmotion I've ever seen in many many years of working with this stuff.


There are a ton of details in setting this stuff up but once it is done you're golden... only have to deal with firmware upgrades after that. I'd also add some additional Flex10-D modules if you're loading up these enclosures with blades and pushing a lot of I/O. Those Flexfabrics could get saturated.


Best of luck