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VC Flex Connection mode

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VC Flex Connection mode

Hi All,

I am facing an issue when migrating two enclosures HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure G3 from two redundant Cisco 7600 series routers to two redundant Cisco ASR9K routers. Each enclosure has two VC Flexs each VC with one uplink only 10Gbps  VC-Flexs are working in Active/Active mode.

Right after migration all uplinks of all Enclosures become Linked-Standby and no one Linked-Active. So all vlans of all server blades become unreachable.

Then I changed VC Flex uplink connection mode from "Auto" to "Failover", i understand before with Auto I was triyng to negotiate LACP and via Failover is without LACP.

However, I would like to get more detsiled information about "Failover" mode ... what is really "Failover mode" ? what problems could appear ? Why I got  all connections in Linked-Standby status ? 

Also, I do not have "Shared uplink Sets", and I had no problems till now, as all internal server blades vlans are reachable from the outside. Why we may need "shared uplinks sets" ? 

Thank you for your support.


Re: VC Flex Connection mode

All your queries answere are in the document :

Virtual connecg Ciso Administrator Guide :


Thank you!
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