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VC-Flex10 scripted install config via command line

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VC-Flex10 scripted install config via command line

Andrew had customer POC with VC-Flex10 and needed some info:



Can anyone share a “base template” for a flex10 config that could be shared with a customer.

I have a network admin that is doing a POC and wants to be able to install multiple enclosures using a command line, scripted install.


I have given him the cli reference manual but he wants a base template that he can then tailor.


Also, what is the command to enable the scripting of the config via the cli.


The customer will be running firmware version 2.32

And he will only have Ethernet modules.



Chris had some good help:



This is the sample template that I have created for a customer. This is for VC-Enet but not Flex-10.



See if this works for you. Share if you make some changes that would be useful to the community. Thanks.