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VC FlexFabric enclosure stacking

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VC FlexFabric enclosure stacking

Pedrag had an enclosure stacking question:




Can someone confirm me if there is any recommendation (or MUST) whick X interfaces we should use to stack two enclosure, both with Virtual Connect FlexFabric in bay 1 and 2.


We will use J9300A - HP X244 10G XFP SFP+ 1m DAC Cable


I could’t find any specific doc regarding my question saying that stack k=cable MUST be inserted only in X1,2,3,4 or ….


My idea is to leave X1 and X2 as SAN uplink which already is in use, and maybe use X3, X4 or X5, X6 for DAC uplink to remote enclosoure.


Can someone give me advice?




Aleksandar replied:




You can use any port on the modules for the enclosure stacking avoiding x7 and x8. Same is valid for the vertical stacking if you have more Ethernet modules.




Other comments?