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VCEM? Is there really a need?

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VCEM? Is there really a need?

we have a Matrix operating environment running 6.2.  We have 7 enclosures.  We never will need to recolate a profile to another enclosure, or anything like that.  I am wondering if i should be even using VCEM.  

Why don't i just create a new VCM domain with 4 enclosures and another VCM domain w 3 ?  

What are the advantages of VCEM?  I don't see it.


Re: VCEM? Is there really a need?

One of your main advantages is going to come on the Physical deployment capability. MOE leverages of VCEM to deploy a new profile and define your new HW Blade.


Remember VCEM is a manager so you can still have separete domains as you stated, I would recommend the reading below to understand the advange of centralized domain management.