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VCEM batch script - server profile copy

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VCEM batch script - server profile copy

Sam had a customer question on Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM):




I have a client with a large BladeSystem environment.    Rather than using the GUI copy profile operation we would prefer to write a powershell/VB script to copy the VC server profile template and assign.    Questions:


  1. Will this approach work?  Has anyone used the COmmand Line Interface (CLI) to do a large batch update like this?
  2. Does anyone have access to a similar script we could modify? 



Reply from Fred:




There’s a couple ways to approach this. You could use the VCEM SDK to create a utility to copy profiles. The other way to make a copy of a profile would be to script the creation of the desired profile in terms of connections, fabrics, etc, then run the script when another copy of a profile with those settings is needed. You could expand on this approach and leverage the CSV export of profiles to read the desired profile settings and use them to drive a script to create a duplicate of the profile.


The VCEMCLI doesn’t support a “copy” operation at this time like the one available in the VCM CLI.