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VCEM issue with adding Ethernet networks to existing profiles

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VCEM issue with adding Ethernet networks to existing profiles

Chad had a customer problem:




I have a customer having the issue below. I know that VCEM allows for editing of server profiles when adding Ethernet network to Multiple Networks when the target server is on though I’m trying to confirm what Domain Group version is currently set.


Customer question:

Do you know if/where it is documented that it is possible to add additional VLANs to a Ethernet Connection in a VCEM Server Profile without having to power the Blade Down to do so? Im working with HP Support to resolve the VCEM issue we have with some of servers failing to add VLANs and he is pushing the docs that say modifying server profiles require the bladé server to be powered down. I know this is not true (in this case) as we have done this routinely in the past have it completely scripted using VCEMCLI.


The "HP Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager 7.3 User Guide" lists 2 similar issues:


"If the server profile has Flex-10 connections enabled, and server blade NICs (onboard or

mezzanine card) are connected to HP 10/10 Gb-F Virtual Connect Ethernet Module, VC

requires you to power off the server blade to perform any server profile operation."




"Server profile edit operation fails when target server is powered on


If you edit a server profile in VCEM and add, remove, or change an Ethernet network connection,

add, remove, or change Fibre Channel SAN connections or change the server profile name, the

edit server profile job might fail with the following message in the job details:


Error during Edit server profile [Profile Name]. Details: This action

could not be performed because the server is powered on. Power down the

server associated with the Server Bay and retry the operation.


VCEM server profile editor allows profile edit operations in case the target server is powered off.

However, the VCEM server profile edit job might fail depending on what profile changes each VC

Domain firmware version allows if the target server is powered on."




They found the issue:




Resolved - Turns out there was a pending change to the boot order made via iLo and the change was never committed. Just rebooting the server did not commit the change completely for the VC change to work, the server had to be powered down, a change of some sort had to be made to the server profile then powered back on. Once powered back on, then changes to the VLANs could be made while the server was online as expected.


It seems that VC wasn’t able to tell that the original required power-off change needed to be made once the server had been rebooted.