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Virtual COnnect Firmware Upgrade question

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Virtual COnnect Firmware Upgrade question

Bart was having an upgrade issue:




I’m trying to upgrade the FW of VC modules (FW 3.51) under control of VCEM 7.1 with vcutil 1.6. The domain is in FW update mode, but I still get the error that it is still managed by an external manager. OA FW was 3.55, but upgrade to 3.60 didn’t help.

What am I missing here?




Reply from Mark:

VCSU 1.6.0 won’t work. VCSU 1.7.0 is the missing piece.

VCEM 7.1 left the gates before VCSU 1.7.0, which is 9/4


And input from Fred:

You need VCSU 1.7.0 to make use of firmware upgrade mode. VCSU 1.6 still requires putting the domain into maintenance mode in order to upgrade VC firmware.




Bart's response:

Thanks, maintenance mode ISO FW update mode is the trick with VCSU 1.6.

Thanks for all replies!




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