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Virtual Connect Domain backup question

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Virtual Connect Domain backup question

Winston had a customer question:




I was trying to automate the backup of all of our VC modules using vcsu.exe. I was able to create a simple .bat file that backed up all of the modules and it worked great except the ones that are under VCEM. I tried putting the VCMEM VCs in maintenance mode but the script still did not work. The only way to back them up was through VCEM and the GUI. This is not a good or scalable solution so the question is how do you automate this? On a related note, in VCEM,  I could only put one domain into maintenance mode at a time. Again this is not good. Any thoughts? Thanks




From Vincent:




VCEM 7.1.1 AND VC firmware 3.70 or later lift the requirement to put a domain in maintenance mode before you can take a backup.




Any other comments or questions?

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Re: Virtual Connect Domain backup question



Lets try this again..


I am also working on setting uop a script to backup all the virtual connected data using vcsu. I am having issues with the syntax on how I am invoking it. Any chance you are willing to share your script? End goal is a script to backup all OA and Virtual Connect modules.


Command I am trying to invoke is


C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard Company\Virtual Connect Support Utility>vcsu.exe -a configbackup -i XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX -u OA_Admin_ID -p XXXXXXXX -vc_admin_id-vcp XXXXXXX -l (local path to save config)



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Re: Virtual Connect Domain backup question

I think you are missing a "u" :


vcsu -a configbackup -i "dnsname" -u "OAUser" -p "OAP-word" -vcu "VCuser" -vcp "VCP-word" -l "c:\xxx\xx"


And make sure to provide a name for the file in your destination folder.