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Virtual Connect Firmware dependancy with mixed modules

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Virtual Connect Firmware dependancy with mixed modules

Todd had a VC question when having mixed modules in the enclosure:




I have a customer that is looking at adding BL460G8 blades with flex fabric adaptors to go out to a 3PAR 7400 using the flat SAN technology.  The issue is that they currently have a mix of VC modules that they will need to continue to use.  There current setup consists of VC Flex10 modules in bays 1 and 2 and 1/10 modules in 3-6.  We are looking at removing 2 of the 1/10 modules and replacing them with the flex fabric modules to connect a new flex fabric mezzanine in the BL460G8 blades.  The flex fabric modules will need to be at a minimum firmware level of 3.7 to support that connection but the 1/10 are maxed out at V3.6.  Is there any issues that they will run into using the 3 different types of VC modules in the same C7000?  Would this be a supported configuration?




Info from Mark:




Direct statement from the Virtual Connect 3.70 User Guide:


Virtual Connect v3.70/3.75 does not support the HP 1/10Gb Virtual Connect Ethernet Module or the HP

1/10Gb-F Virtual Connect Ethernet Module. If your domain contains these modules, you cannot update to

VC v3.70/3.75.


So yes the issue they will run into is they cannot update a VC Domain to VC3.70 if 1/10 or 1/10-F are installed.

If they try to circumvent by pulling out the 1/10 or 1/10-F modules (removing the connections associated) and updating the Flex-10/Flex Fabric to VC 3.70 and then re-installing those modules, they will not be re-imported into the VC Domain.


This is not supported and is actually prevented by the VC code.




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