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Virtual Connect Flex-10, iSCSI and VMware

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Virtual Connect Flex-10, iSCSI and VMware

Pierre had a question regarding iSCSI settings on Virtual Connect:




I have the same configuration to use with StorageWorks P4800 and VMware. In the VMware documentation they have two type of hardware iSCSI:

Dependent Hardware iSCSI Adapter and Independent Hardware iSCSI Adapter.


When we use the FlexFabric Adapters or LOMs with a Flex-10, how does VMware see the iSCSI adapter, Dependent or Independent?




Greg pointed Pierre to some info:




Check out the following documents:

The iSCSI Cookbook:


 The latest VC Flex-10 Ethernet Cookbook:




Any comments or other help for Pierre?

David M. Dodge
Occasional Advisor

Re: Virtual Connect Flex-10, iSCSI and VMware

We just installed a P4800 for a VMware View installation.  WE just used the VMware iSCSI software initiator and confiugred the setup like it was suggested in the left Hand SAN config for VS 4.  Works fine.