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Virtual Connect FlexFabric Stack question

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Virtual Connect FlexFabric Stack question

Chairutthana had a question regarding VC FlexFabric stacking links:




For C7000 with 4x VC-FlexFabric, if customer want to use 4x 1Gb RJ-45 port for each module (port#5,6,7 &8)

Note: use port 7 and 8 as uplink port, instead of internal adjacent stacking.


Use 10Gb DAC cables for stack port#3 and #4,  and leave port#5,6,7 and 8 as uplinks.


 Please advise, is there any concern?




Reply from Dave:




Yes, any port can be used as stacking.


This solution will leave two ports 1 & 2 for FC or Ethernet uplinks in the future.




Any other comments?