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Virtual Connect GBIC Compatibility Guide

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Virtual Connect GBIC Compatibility Guide

John was looking for some info:




Hi Gang:


I’m looking for a GBIC compatibility guide…


Specifically, is the following GBIC compatible with my customer’s Cisco GBIC?   (Besides the obvious LC/SC fiber cable …)


455885-001 – HP 10GB SR SFP+


My customer has the following Cisco GBIC:


Model: X2-10GB-LX4   PN:  10-2154-04


If the HP GBIC doesn’t work, which one do I need?


Thanks, folks!




Mark chimed in:




HP Virtual Connect modules don’t have a 10Gb-LX4 option, only 10Gb SR, LR & LRM options that are in a SFP+ form factor.


You will see many options on the Cisco side that specify XENPAK, or X2, or SFP+ etc., and that is only important when determining which product you will be installing the GBIC into, not what you be connecting to on the other end.

If you want to connect VC to that Cisco device, it is going to require them purchase a GBIC for their Cisco switch with SR, LR or LRM optics.


The bottom line is the optics have to match on either end. (SR–SR ) (LR–LR).