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Virtual Connect Support Utility (VCSU) question

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Virtual Connect Support Utility (VCSU) question

Michael had a customer query:




I have a customer that has used an older version of VCSU, 1.5.1 to perform upgrades of spare VC modules when they are different than the VC firmware in the c7000 enclosure.  They used the –b option to target a particular bay only.  I believe that the procedure with current VCSU is to skip a bay and place the spare in an odd numbered bay preferably.  Then update to match the current enclosure firmware version.


Does this process work without problems in an online mode?   Does it only update the odd module that we hope to target?


Also if anyone knows why the –b option was dropped, the customer and I are curious to know.




Input from Fred:




The HP Virtual Connect Firmware Upgrade Steps and Procedures Whitepaper ( has a lot of good information on VCSU and VC firmware upgrades.


Here’s a snippet regarding –b option removal and recommendation on upgrading a single module:

It may be necessary to update just a single VC-Enet or VC-FC module. The option to target a specific module for upgrade or downgrade (-b bay_id) has been removed in VCSU v1.6.0 and later. Typically this option was not recommended because VCSU’s main goal is to get all modules to the same level of firmware that is contained in the installation package.


However, a situation may exist where a module is being replaced with a spare that shipped with a different firmware revision installed. An update will be required to this single module to bring it to the same level of the firmware as the other the modules in the enclosure. To update a single module place it into any IO Bay that doesn’t correspond to the location of the Primary VC-Enet module in the enclosure. An upgrade or downgrade of a single module can be performed by executing VCSU and specifying the location of the firmware image file corresponding to the version of the firmware on the Primary VC-Enet module. VCSU will automatically detect modules that are out of sync and update those modules to the desired firmware level.




Any other input?