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Virtual Connect (VC) Flex 10/10D - not linked port status

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Virtual Connect (VC) Flex 10/10D - not linked port status

A question from Steven:




At one of our customers we have an enclosure installed with 2 HP Virtual Connect Flex10/10D Modules.


In VCM we see a “Not Linked” status for 4 ports (X5-8) on each module, all other ports are OK.


When we look at the leds on the modules:

-          Port status is green (Green = Port is configured and operating as an uplink port -> according to S&I guide)

-          Link activity is amber flashing (Amber flashing = 1G activity -> according to S&I guide)


This all looks pretty healthy to me… but still the “Not Linked” status in VCM.


Is there anything that I might have overlooked?

Anything that I can try?


Thanks in advance for the input.




Input from Hoa:

Switch port downlinks to VC were not properly setup/activate from the switch side.    Assuming nothing running on the Blades, quickly take standby OA RJ-45 cable or preferably a standard working RJ-45 downlink, feed one to VC and observe its link status under VCM/visual.   If linked yet no VC network communication, recheck switch port setup.


And from Dan:

You can get better information on Transceiver status and type and such under:


Devices (bottom left) \ Interconnect Bays \ Bay X \ Uplink Ports tab

Then click Detailed Info/Stats for the port with Not Linked

Then scroll ALL the way to the bottom of the popup window and there is a block of data down there about the transceiver.




Other comments or suggestions?