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Virtual Connect (VC) password reset options

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Virtual Connect (VC) password reset options

A VC question from Steve:




Quick question.


I am working on a C3000 with a single VC Flex-10 module.


The expected VC credentials are not working and physical access to the site is difficult.


I know that the OA can add users to an iLO but is there a similar way to add an admin user to the VC knowing the OA admin login? Otherwise, is there anyway remotely to get the default Administrator password as printed on the tag?


I suspect the answer is no to both, but just in case




Info from Dan:

Steve, you MIGHT be able to get the Default Pass internally with the VC module’s serial number.


I remember seeing a link somewhere that was like a “What to do if the serial number sticker is damaged and unreadable” in some VC document ages ago.


But I don’t know the exact procedure here.  Maybe one of the VC guys can point you in the right direction.


Reply from Mark:

No serial # link.


If the tag was missing/un-readable, you would have to put the module in Password override (1-On, 2-Off, 3-Off, 4-Off)


SSH/Login to OA (putty)

Connect Interconnect x x=Bay #) (example connect interconnect 1)

Reset VC module (from OA GUI or remove / reinsert)

The Factory default password will be printed  during the POST.