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Virtual Connect (VC) port shutdown command

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Virtual Connect (VC) port shutdown command

Ajith had a VC question:




Hi All,


How can I shutdown ports in virtual connect flex fabric?


Eg:- I want to shutdown X1 port in Bay1 from command line , how can I achieve this?




Reply from Robert:




I am not sure if this is your goal.  You can force the uplink to an unlinked status by setting the speed on the VC network or Shared Uplink Set to disabled.  Assuming it is associated with a V-net or SUS.




  - Change the port speed of a network port:


    ->set uplinkport enc0:1:X2 Network=MyNetwork Speed=Disabled

    ->set uplinkport enc0:2:X4 UplinkSet=MyUplinkSet Speed=Disabled


To return to linked status, set the speed back to ‘Auto’.




And info from Vincent:




You can't. "Virtual Connect is not a switch"™

You can remove the uplink port from its uplink set which should unconfigure it, but you can't just administratively shut it down.