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Virtual Connect Vertical Stacking question

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Virtual Connect Vertical Stacking question

A VC domain stacking question from Fardy:




Hi Experts,

One of our customer has a question about vertical stacking of Virtual connect Flex-Fabric in one enclosure (between bay 1 & bay 3)

I try to purpose the vertical stacking using DAC Cable as stated below, but the customer is still uncertain because they read somewhere that it needs active DAC Cables to do the vertical stacking

Is there any document to convince our Customer that the cable provided (as stated below) will support vertical stacking (bay 1 & bay 3)?

487649-B21         HP BLc 10G SFP+ SFP+ 0.5m DAC Cable



Reply from Angel:




Hello Fardy,


In page 10 of Virtual Connect Multi-Enclosure Stacking Reference Guide is said that “DAC cables (passive or active) listed in the Quickspecs of the VC module can be used for stacking