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Virtual Connect error on MAC Address Range

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Virtual Connect error on MAC Address Range

John was getting a MAC address range error and was looking for help:




I just spoke to support and they have not seen this issue. Has anyone run into this error. Currently I have three stacked Enclosures and the third one is coming up with the error listed below when the profiles are created. We are using range 63.



"The currently specified MAC Address range does not have sufficient addresses remaining for all connections in this server profile. Adjust the MAC Address range or reduce the number of connections (requiring MAC addresses) in the profile."





Input from Mark:

A range # is not relevant, they all have the equal amount of available MACs

Are you sure you are not out of MACs? Did HP Support check what is being used?

512 Ethernet Connections per domain because HP Defined range is 1024 – ½ are reserved for iscsi.

VC only reserves based on the profile, not based on hardware installed.

If the connection is in the profile and it not being used meaning it is “Unassigned”, it still cost MAC.

If the connection is not in the profile, no MAC.


So you could have this as a MAX…. you are out with 512. 8 connections is 2 LOMs using 4 PFs each.

Enc0 – 16 x 460c (8 connections) – 128

Enc1 – 16 x 460c (8 connections) – 128

Enc2 – 16 x 460c (8 connections) – 128

Enc3 – 16 x 460c (8 connections) – 128


I could drop a Flex-Mezz into servers and quickly consume all 512 without even having to add a 3rd enclosure.

Enc0 – 16 x 460c (16 connections) – 256

Enc1 – 16 x 460c (16 connections) – 256


This is a valid error message, not a product defect for VC (any version), this is Day 1 (2006) VC.

When you reach connection # 513 during a profile creation, it will not complete.




Reply from Hoa/John:

I think we have found the root cause for the issue


And from Mark:

So the math does work out after all and why it is stopping after (2) Profiles on Enclosure 3


14 Ethernet Connections Per Profile (1 For Ethernet / 1 For ISCSI) = 28 MACs

2 FCoE Connections ( 1 for Ethernet ) = 2 MACS

30 MACs consumed per Profile


Enclosure 0 – 30 x 16 =480 MACs

Enclosure 1 – 30 x 16 =480 MACs

Enclosure 2 – 30 x 2 = 60 MACs


= 1020  (only 4 MACs left)


We only have 1024 in the pool, so when you got to create 3rd profile, it fails.




Other comments?