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Virtual Connect move question

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Virtual Connect move question

Brad had a customer Virtual Connect question:




They have the original virtual connects in bays 1 and 2. They have already installed the new flex 10 VCs in 3 and 4. They did all of this prior to the new firmware that was just released. Now they just need to remove the legacy VC’s from Bays 1 and 2 to repurpose them. They just want to make sure when they pull them out that they will not lose the configuration and connectivity to the blades. They have already disabled all the LOM nics and are strictly running off of the Mezz cards. Because this is production and there are 16 blades in the Chassis they have also backed up the config just in case. I think they will be fine but I wanted to make sure.




Lionel replied:




Unfortunately this is not allowed today and this repurpose function does not exist, the only choice you have is to delete the domain!

Even if we had the possibility to move the VCM Primary/backup function to the other modules in Bay 3 and 4, the rule that applies here for you is “Replacing a primary or backup VC Module with a different VC module type is not allowed without first deleting the domain. “




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