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Virtual Connect problems...need help!

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Virtual Connect problems...need help!

John had a sticky problem after upgrading firmware:



Appreciate any advice here….


C700, OA – 2.60, VC=2.30, 8 blades installed (8 bl460G1s, 4 bl860s) – all seem to be running just fine…..


Blade enclosure has been running fine for about 6 months. Upgraded to these FW releases about 3-months ago.


Today I can’t login to VC (via LDAP or Local Accounts). Finally able to login using the original Toe-Tag, via an ssh screen, but a “show all” says that the “Enclosure is not imported”.


If I try to connect to VC#2, again, I can login via the original toe-tag, but it re-directs me to VC#1 – so I can’t get any further.


Can’t save the current config – as it does not think it is “imported”.

I’m afraid to do a reset, as I’m concerned I will lose its current config ?


Any suggestions ?



Dave and Rick jumped in:



f it has lost the domain setting and you don't have a backup you can "hope" that it maintained the domain in flash. When you hit the screen in domain setup wizzard that asks if you want to import the domain or restore the domain see if there is a third bullet that says something like "there is a domain in flash would you like to try using it".


                The first thing I would try, is to run the resetvcm switch in the VCSU tool.

‘vcutil –a healthcheck –I xx.OA.IP.xx –u OAAdmin –p OAPassword’


‘vcutil –a resetvcm –I xx.OA.IP.xx –u OAAdmin –p OAPassword’


Then start the physical resets and restores.



Anyone had this problem before? How did you solve it? Share please!