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Virtual Connect question about VLANs and mapping.

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Virtual Connect question about VLANs and mapping.

Ian had a question regarding VLANs:




Is it possible to configure the following?


-          Using Mapped VLAN tags (not Tunneled)

-          Multiple Shared Uplink sets


When defining a profile, I would like to map multiple networks to a FlexNIC. Can the multiple networks come from different Shared Uplink sets?

Right now, I have single VLAN’s connected to each FlexNIC on an ESXi  blade, would like to add more VLAN’s to the blade from my existing SUS’s.




Steve replied:




Yes.  Networks can come from other SUS. And yes for having more than 1 VLAN mapped to a FlexNIC. Just ensure you are in mapped mode and this will work fine. You can have up to 28 different networks per FlexNIC VC today.  Also, keep in mind that a VC Network can be connected to only 1 FlexNIC on a LOM/Mezz.  IE; vNet_10 cannot be connected to LOM:1a and any other LOM:1x FlexNIC.




Comments or suggestions for Ian?

See the Virtual Connect FlexFabric Cookbook for more info: