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Virtual Connect shows "unknown" status on SAS switch

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Virtual Connect shows "unknown" status on SAS switch

Wim had a SAS switch question;






A customer with P4800 in his enclosure has on the VC (3.17) an unknown status for the SAS switch.


Is this a known issue??




Armand replied:

I have a similar configuration and no unknown status displayed.

I’ve version for the SAS switch and 3.18 for VC.

What are your versions ?


Then Sanjeev also joined in:

In your environment, the Cisco interconnects showing the unknown status. Basically when there is unknown status on other interconnects means that “not Virtual Connect compatible” interconnect.

I believe check all the compatible firmware of the interconnects with OA firmware.


Check the VLAN enclosure feature for the status of the modules.


      • If the Enclosure VLAN feature is enabled:
  1. Ensure that all HP Virtual Connect Ethernet and Virtual Connect FC interconnect modules are configured with the same management VLAN as the OA modules.
  2. Ensure all enclosures with Virtual Connect multi-enclosure domains have the same management VLAN configuration for all VC interconnects and all OA modules.
  3. Ensure that all HP 3G SAS switches are configured with the same management VLAN ID as the OA modules in that enclosure.




Have you seen this condition? Comments or suggestions?