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Virtual Connect upgrade problem!!!

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Virtual Connect upgrade problem!!!

Edvard had a problem upgrading his Virtual Connect modules:




Hi Experts,


Need help ASAP with an upgrade of Virtual Connect.


The Scenario is this:


From the beginning I had.


Onboard Administrator 3.10 and two VC 2.33

Problem: The combination made it impossible to import the Local enclosure into the VC Domain (Unable to find the Local enclusre).


Next step was to upgrade  the OA to 3.11 (since all OA 3.10 should be upgraded to 3.11)

Problem:  VC still 2.33 = Same Problem


Next step was to upgrade both VC  modules from 2.33 to 3.10.

Problem: Both Virtual connect managers from bay 1 and from bay 2 says “Active Virtual Connect Manager not at this IP address.”


I have tried to do the following:


Reset VC Mode on both modules,

Physically remove the modules and put it back,

Remove one VC  module and reboot the other one,

Remove the VC modules and reboot them in other slots and then but it back in bay 1 and 2,

Downgrade the VC modules to 3.01,

Made a factory default on the enclosure,

Remove the power to the enclosure,

Update the OA to 3.11 again after the VC update,

Roll back the FW from 3.11 to 2.33 again (Then I can access the VC manager again but not add the local enclosure to the domain)

Update the module from 2.33 to 3.01 with only one module in the enclosure.


Nothing seems to work and all I got is “Active Virtual Connect Manager not at this IP address.” Both from the web gui and from the CLI (through KVM).


Have anyone experience something similar or have any suggestion at all, please send me an email or call me (I’m available to 21.30 pm CET)




Robert had some advice for Edvard:




I actually experienced the same issue a couple of weeks ago.  The issue is likely that you have OA Vlan support enabled, and the OA and VC are either not in the same Vlan, or they are in the same Vlan, but it is not the native/default Vlan.  It is a requirement that the OA and VC belong to the same Vlan.


This is a known issue.  There are two possible workarounds:


  • Enable Vlan support in the Onboard Administrator and define the Vlan for the OA and the Virtual Connect management as the native/default Vlan.  This would require the OA/VC Vlan be defined as the default/native Vlan (Vlan26 in your case) in the OA, as well as the 802.1q switch port connecting to the OA interfaces. 
  • Do not enable Vlan support in the Onboard Administrator.  This does not affect the Virtual Connect environment at all.  It does require all of the management interfaces for the iLOs and interconnect modules to be in the same management Vlan.



Edvard thought that this will help his situation. Have you experienced this?

Peter Haddad
Occasional Visitor

Re: Virtual Connect upgrade problem!!!



We had this exact problem as well and spent quite a bit of time coming to the same conclusion that you did. How did you determine the requirement for the OA/VC Vlan be defined as the default/native Vlan in the OA and the uplinking switch? Was this discovered through HP Support, via the VC/OA documentation or through your own experimentation?  Just wondering if this is documented somewhere and we missed it.