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What is Subordinate VC Module ?

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What is Subordinate VC Module ?


For one of my customer, we have the following config - 

1 * Primary Virtual Connect Module 

1 * Backup Virtual Connect Module 

2 * Subordinate Virtual Connect Module 

Presently all are running with firmware version 3.70 , and I need to update them. 

Question - 

- What are these subordinate VCM 's ?  When I go to their IP for login, I am redirected to Primary VC Module automatically. 

- Since I am not able to login to subordinate VCM's, how would I update firmware ?  

- Globally, for all four VC's, what is the sequence to follow for upgrading firmware ? first get suboridnate upgraded, then backup and then primary ?? 

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Re: What is Subordinate VC Module ?

In a Virtual Connect environment there are two VC modules that run the Virtual Connect Manager.  The primary and the secondary as you have noted.  Any other VC module in that domain would be considered subordinate.  Those VC modules do not run the VCM software, but only handle the I/O traffic.

When you perform a firmware update, the update process will see all VC modules and update them accordingly.  The update scripts will default to update each module alternately, but you can change this to update them in parallel or in a certain order.  In most cases, its best to take the defaults.


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Re: What is Subordinate VC Module ?

Thanks for the reply !! 

Instead of automatic sequence, we are thinking about running the reboot in manual mode, using the following command -

vcsu -a update -i <enclosure OA IP> -u <OA username> -p <OA password> -vcu <VC domain user> -vcp <VC domain password> -l <firmware image path> -oe manual -of manual

Therefore, the order of reboot of VC's would fall as  - 

Backup config
vcsu -a update -i .....    (above command)
Reset Bay2 (standby)
Reset Bay1
Reset Bay 4
Reset Bay 3

Is there any problem in above choice ? 

Just want to ensure that we wont have a network interruption by following the above steps - customer doesnt want even few seconds of outage :)