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hponcfg and iLO scriptng question???

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hponcfg and iLO scriptng question???

Lisa had an iLO scripting question:




Hi – I have a customer that is working on writing some scripts and is working with the  hponcfg (HP Lights Out Online Configuration Utility) for Linux (4.0.0-1).   He is also utilizing the HP Health driver.  His question is whether or not HPCOCFG for Linux current release (4.0.0-1) will work with all generations of iLO….(iLO 4, ILO3, ILO2, etc…) .  Does anyone know???  He has a mixed set of BL460 blades from different generations and trying to write 1 script that works for all….Also, would any additional .rpm files be required?




Dan replied:




Yes, v4 of the utility is supported on iLO2 and 3 along side iLO4.


As far as the script goes, just pay attention to the notes in the sample script as it will tell you any minimum version of the iLO or Driver required.


Don't forget with blades you can also run xml scripts via the OA's HPONCFG CLI option.  Then there are zero dependencies on the OS driver or agents.

Similarly there is CPQLOCFG you can run from a desktop against remote iLOs, but there you need a valid iLO username and password to authenticate.


I'm not sure about any other packages you need, but I would check the iLO CLI and Scripting Guide as it should mention any requirements in the XML section.


I can tell you Windows on Gen8 with AMS instead of the full blown SNMP/WMI agents leads to an issue where you will be missing a DLL required to run HPONCFG.  Manually extracting it from the SNMP agents and copying it to the System32 folder fixes the problem.




Have you tried this in your systems? Let us know.