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BL460c Gen9 support for XENServer 6.5

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BL460c Gen9 support for XENServer 6.5

Massimo was looking for XenServer support for various adapters:




Hello colleagues


Our OS Support Matrix with XenServer 6.5 and Gen9 Server is still empty  :


But the CitrixHCL, our Gen9 Servers are listed :


I know, our HP OS Support Matrix it will be updated soon, but which NIC/CNA will be supported with XenServer 6.5 ?


I need FlexFabric CNA LOM (10Gb or 20Gb) :


  • 536FLB Broadcom Chipset 57840S
  • 630FLB Broadcom BCM 57840S
  • 650FLB Emulex XE-104


All the above CNA/NICs are not listed with XenServer 6.5 only with 6.2 and 6.2 will not be supported with BL460cGen9, my customer needs 6.5 support !


Any clue on this matter ?




Reply from Jan:




Hello Massimo,


The BL460c Gen9 servers are supported with XenServer 6.5 already.


The link that you posted is old.

Use the following instead:








Re: BL460c Gen9 support for XENServer 6.5

FWIW, we've used XenServer 6.5 on BL460C Gen9 blades with 650FLB adapters successfully..