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BladeSystem Gen8 Severs and VMware question

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BladeSystem Gen8 Severs and VMware question

VMware question from Jean-Yves:




Hi Expert


One of my customer is facing an issue with ProLiant Gen 8 servers under Vmware ESXi. The VMs freeze from time to time


The solution is to deactivate in the BIOS the Energy Economy ! Is someone aware of that issue ?


Is there a Bios version that correct this bug?


Thanks for your help




Reply from Bob:




Consider reading the Technical Whitepaper "Configuring and tuning HP ProLiant Servers for low-latency applications"


There are also various VMware guest settings that reduce the abstraction and make them closer to the hardware that could possibly lead to anomalies.


You could be having a problem related to changing of clock frequencies.


If your network adapters are high performance, there are numerous possibilities for packet skew that can hang a guest.

If you have a guest that is performing the backups of other servers, you should consider de-virtualizing it.




I seem to remember that you always wanted the BIOS settings to be set to "High Performance" and not use any power saving settings with VMware.




Other comments?


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Re: BladeSystem Gen8 Severs and VMware question



How did you go with the case Chuck ?


Does the VMware vSphere using DPM to standby the server as well or just make all of those ESXi servers up and running using the highest performance BIOS power profile ?


I'm also curious to know it as well.