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Trying to delete a VM Guest

Trusted Contributor

Trying to delete a VM Guest

Question from Michael:




Cdcsesxu01c is a VM host

Cdcsmvc02 is a VM guest


I want to delete Cdcsmvc02 when I highlight server and press delete it thinks there are objects associated with it.

It is not a logical server


But notice that Cdcsesxu01c thinks it is in a VM Cdcsmvc02


Any suggestions ???






The discussion:


From Lee:

Is “Cdcsmvc02” where vCenter Server is running?    Is so, you might need to delete the vCenter Server entry under Options to be able to remove the association.


Reply from Mike:

Already completed that step same result.


And from Scott:

You can remove any node using the CLI & the “force” option.


mxnode -r nodes [-x force] [-v]




Any other comments or suggestions?