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VMware image question

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VMware image question

Richard had a customer question on VMware images:




We are running our VMware infrastructure on HP C7000s and we are trying to get my customer to use the HP VMware images, but they are reluctant insisting that they do not want to wait on driver updates until a new image is available.  Do we have any guidance on how often the images are updated when new drivers or VMware updates/patches are available?




Reply from Ron:




The images are updated with every Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) release, so they will have the latest supported drivers. In fact the HP image is updated more frequently than the VMware image so the drivers in the image are more up-to-date.


In the event that an emergency  driver is released between SPP releases to fix a customer issue the user can use VUM to apply the new driver to the servers or manually apply it. This is the same process that the user would go through if they used the VMware image.




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