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2500 Corebuilder switch

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2500 Corebuilder switch

I have a 4 module 32 port lan switch that I am not able to telnet into. The switch is using just 16 ports (2 modules, A & B) Presently the switch during power up displays a yellow "system" light along with 3 ports on module "b" displaying yellow lights also.

How can I troubleshoot this to find out if the switch enclosure is bad or just one or both modules?


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Re: 2500 Corebuilder switch

This is such an old piece of gear. Your best bet is to call 3Com support for help. Unless you have a contract of somekind your probably going to have to pay.

The Corebuilder 2500 is at least early 1990 technology. LED's tell you something bad has happened but not much else. Without console output with some kind of error its nearly impossibe to answer whats going on.