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4210 link aggregation issues

Occasional Contributor

4210 link aggregation issues

Hi all,

How many link aggregation groups does the 4210 26-port actually supports?

I'm trying to set up a 4210 26-port switch with 3 link aggregation groups, each group has 2 member interfaces only. The problem is that the 3rd group won't ever have both ports as "Selected" in the aggregation group. See output below:

Aggregation ID: 2,  AggregationType: Manual,   Loadsharing Type: NonS

Aggregation Description:

System ID: 0x8000, 0024-7346-6f10

Port Status: S -- Selected,  U -- Unselected


Port                     Status  Priority  Key    Flag


Ethernet1/0/2             S       32768     1      {}

Ethernet1/0/14           U       32768     1      {}

The weird thing is that if I shutdown any interface of any other aggregation group, this interface 1/0/14 will become Selected !!

Why does this happen if in the 4210 26-port datasheet it says the device will support 3 aggregation groups?

I hope someone can help because it's really confusing...

Thanks in advice