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4500 no port-security command

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4500 no port-security command

I have do following switch:

3Com Corporation

SuperStack 3 Switch 4500 26-Port Software Version 3Com OS V3.02.00s56

Copyright(C) 2003-2005 3Com Corporation.  All Rights Reserved.

SuperStack 3 Switch 4500 26-Port with 1 MIPS Processor

64M     bytes DRAM

8196K   bytes Flash Memory

Config Register points to FLASH

CPLD Version is CPLD 003

Bootrom Version is 1.01

24 FE + 4 GE Hardware Version is 00.00.00

In the paper "3Com Stackable Switch Family. Advanced Configuration Guide. 3Com Switch 4500"  there is configuration procedure to enable port security. However, after command:

<Switch> system-view

I can't type command:

port-security enable

There is no port-security command!

I have 802.1x and MAC authentication globally disabled.

Please help me what is the reason?