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4500 trunking mode not working.. help


4500 trunking mode not working.. help


  I'm newbie to 3com switch and are setting up a simple network in our office.Basically I need 2 vlan to be able to talk to each other  on all the 26 ports &  I set the trunking mode on the all the 26 ports.It means at anytime I need to connect to any of the 26 ports , as long as my client devices are configured correctly with the IP range below and gateway I should able to ping or talk to to each other. But I have no luck doing that work.

vlan 1 , vlan IP

vlan 2 vlan ip


Im using the latest 3com software on the switch.

Any advise or command are highly appreciated.


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Re: 4500 trunking mode not working.. help

Hi, can you show config of the switch?

I'm not shure because i dont know specially 4500 but if there is command like port trunk permit vlan relative to a single interface, with this command you can set a range of vlan's can pass with this specific port, remember, when you connect an endpoint station on some trunk port, you must set in which vlan the endpoint have to be.


Good luck