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5900: concurrent routing + TRILL not possible?

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5900: concurrent routing + TRILL not possible?



I just saw a comment:


One important thing should be mentioned is that HP devices in SPB or TRILL mode cannot route traffic. In design you have to make additional devices for routing between VLANs. In one of my project I had to refuse from using either of these technologies. Another thing that I do not like in HP solution is that they do not have anycast FHRP. Extended protocol of VRRP is almost like GLBP works, you have different MAC addreses for different VRRP gateways. 

 So, if I enable TRILL on e.g. a HP 5900 switch, I cannot configure routing on the same device afterwards? Can someone please clarify? (I´m currently considering buying 5900 switches for routing into each floor of the datacenter and interconnect all TOR switches with TRILL)

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Re: 5900: concurrent routing + TRILL not possible?

For R2307 I found no limitations like that. Where is this comment from?


And the second part is absolutly wrong. You can enable virtual-mac (should be enabed by default). Then the different gateways use the same MAC address.





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Re: 5900: concurrent routing + TRILL not possible?

Ian Vaughan
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Re: 5900: concurrent routing + TRILL not possible?


Have a look in the manual and see if it mentions "extension port" - I've seen it in the 11900 manual.


Basically if you want the switch to be both in the TRILL and routed network you either 

         (A) have to take the traffic out of the box and back in again with a physical cable


         (B) you turn a port into a service port (can't quite remember the term) and do a loopback between 2 psuedo ports internally.

Otherwise you turn the box into a giant whirlpool. The TRILL topology looks to work best with seperate Access & Dist RBridge layers.


I think on a 5900 you'd be looking at option A for TRILL & Route in the same box as i don't think that platform supports those internal doo-dahs.


You probably need to have a chat with your local HPN SA.




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Re: 5900: concurrent routing + TRILL not possible?

Thanks for the tip. I looked for extension ports within 5900 manuals. So far I couldn´t find anything. That´s actual sad.


It looks like that I do need another layer 3 device with HP. Seems I have to rethink about that 5900 boxes...