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Re: ACL Logging

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ACL Logging

Hi team,

We are a Cisco shop who have just bought some HPE 5940's which to my understanding run Comware 7.

My question is around ACL logging and I want to know how everyone does it? In the Cisco world we just log our ACl deny's to a syslog server, and then grep all the info we need. Comware doesn't seem to have this functionality.

In the example below, from one of our Cisco Switches, we can easily see what IP address is blocked, the port and what ACL blocked thew traffic. Please tell me Comware can do this?  And if not how to do you troubleshoot ACL issues? Thanks in advance.  5 10:20:30 3572603: Jun  5 10:20:29: %SEC-6-IPACCESSLOGP: list inXXX-ACL denied udp ->, 1 packet

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Re: ACL Logging

Add the "counting" or "logging" keyword to the access rule line (straight after the deny, I think) and see if it accepts it.

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Re: ACL Logging

just made a post about this also!!!! Having the same issue in teyting to troubleshoot an ACL. Have you found out the command to view it or see in the log??