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Cant ping switch

Occasional Advisor

Cant ping switch


I am having issues accessing and communicating with a switch since I have configured it. The odd thing is that the switch is working away fine, able to communicate with the core and do all the normal stuff you need of it.

The problem I am having is that I can not manage the switch remotely by either ssh or the web interface. I am also not able to ping the switch from the LAN, but if I log onto another switch in the network which happens to be a HP switch, I receive a response from the switch.

Switch - 1920 48G PoE

I can manage the switch via console, so all is not lost.

Planning to rerun the below,

cmd - no web-management

         web-management ssl

One final piece, I noted that the following cmd was not available to me. 'crypto key'

Could this be the missing part or access, but does not explain the inability to ping the switch.