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Comware: finally a working IPv6 "RA guard"?

Trusted Contributor

Comware: finally a working IPv6 "RA guard"?


while reading the R5501P27 release notes (rfor the HP A5500-HI switches I happily found a new IPv6 "RA guard" for host ports:








It would be great if we get that feature on some other switches as well, e.,g. A5500-EI.

Perhaps someone of the HPE team could help with this?



Respected Contributor

Re: Comware: finally a working IPv6 "RA guard"?

Even on low end switch HP1920 , I can block incoming RAs on a port.  Snippet below uses ipv6 ICMP type,  you can also block specific destination MAC instead.


acl number 4000
description Select IPv6 RA MAC address
rule 0 permit dest-mac 3333-0000-0001 ffff-ffff-ffff

acl ipv6 number 3000
description IPv6_RA
rule 0 permit icmpv6 icmp6-type router-advertisement

traffic classifier CL_IPv6RA operator and
if-match acl ipv6 3000

qos policy POL_BlockRA
classifier CL_IPv6RA behavior Block

interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1
qos apply policy POL_BlockRA inbound