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Comware upgrade A5920 HP switch

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Comware upgrade A5920 HP switch



I need all commands to upgrade A5920 HP series switches to new comware version r2416. The switches are in IRF mode. Its urgent so please help me. 


I am aslo going to upload the Hot patch file so please provide commands for that too.



Anuj Singhi

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Re: Comware upgrade A5920 HP switch

If you take a look in the release notes for the software version, the procedure is listed there. I have copied the relevant parts (this is from our 5900 switch, but I assume it's the same for 5920 switches):


1. Copy the software to the switch with FTP, TFTP or USB.

     TFTP command is: tftp <ip addr of tftp server> get <file name of software image>


2. Upgrade the IRF master first:

     boot-loader file flash:/newest.ipe slot 1 main



3. Upgrade the member switches:

     boot-loader file flash:/newest.ipe slot 2 main

     boot-loader file flash:/newest.ipe slot 3 main


4. Enable the software auto-update function


     irf auto-update enable



5. Save your configuration


It's a good idea to check the flash of each switch first to make sure it has space for the new image.



6. Reboot the IRF fabric




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Re: Comware upgrade A5920 HP switch

In A5820 we normally copy the comware to all slots before setting it up as boot loader but here I can see that we are directly setting the comware as boot loader. Does that automatically copy the images on switches and then  boots with the new image?


Is it necessary to enable  software auto-update function?

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Re: Comware upgrade A5920 HP switch

Its taking too much time to save the config, its already been 2 hours and three of my IRF switch pairs are still showing


validating file.Please wait...


Can anybody suggest what should we do in this case?

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Re: Comware upgrade A5920 HP switch

You can try to get a new ipe fresh file from the repository.

Or check if there is enough room for the new release to be installed.