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Getting Fragments on the port

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Getting Fragments on the port


I have a few 2924 switches and on one of them I am getting considerable amount of fragments that constantly increment (on one port to which I have connected PTP radio link), I am not getting any collisions, jabbers nor errors. Does anybody have any idea what this might be and if this is something that I should be concerned about. I already replaced the cables on both sides of the radio and tried different port on the switch - with the same result. In last hour I got 80 fragments - correction in last hour I got 350 new fragments as users started generating traffic.

In other words what is really a fragment ? I have read the definition and know that for the packed to be valid it needs to be bigger than 64 octets, everything that is smaller is not a valid packet but I thought that fragment are the effect of collisions and I am not getting any unless it is a collision on the wireless link and the wireless works like a hub but then I would be getting also collisions on the port on the switch – am I right?

Thanks for any input

Switch: 2924

Software: 01.00.07

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Re: Getting Fragments on the port

perhaps portmirroring and by running a networksniffer could trace the source of this ?