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H3C S5820X - buffer size

Occasional Contributor

H3C S5820X - buffer size

Hi, what is buffer size for H3C S5820X? I´ve found in one specification: Large buffer for data center traffic bursts. But in specification is  Packet buffer size: 2MB.

This size is per port or shared? In both cases it is absurdly small. For example Cisco Catalyst 6500 has on some 10Gbit/s cards buffers about 200MB per port.


Richard Litchfield
Respected Contributor

Re: H3C S5820X - buffer size

If you actually need large packet buffers (not all applications/configs/environments benefit from large packet buffers), you might consider the 5920. It has a 3GB packet buffer!


From the 5920 quickspecs:

Ultra-deep packet buffering provides up to a 3.6 GB packet buffer to eliminate network congestion at the I/O that is associated with the heavy use of server virtualization, as well as bursty multimedia, storage applications, and other critical services.


The buffers in the 5820 are not huge, but then you also have the option of cut-through switching for very low latency.


From the quickspecs:

5820 Memory and processor 1024 MB SDRAM, 512 MB flash; packet buffer size: 2 MB


The HP Product Bulletin is invaluable - it has nearly every product HP sells (and has sold). It has quickspecs and photos for easy reference, inlcuding these 2 switches.