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HP 5130 EI - MAB (MAC Authentication Bypass) locked down by port

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HP 5130 EI - MAB (MAC Authentication Bypass) locked down by port


I was wondering if someone could hopefully point me in the right direction?

Although I've ready a lot about HP support for 802.1X / MAB, supported RADIUS servers, user configuration and how authenticated ports can be dynamically assigned VLANs and ACLs, I can't seem to find information about the RADIUS data structure, attribute values and validation rules.

I was wondering if it is possible with MAB to lock down specific MAC addresses to specific ports?

i.e. IRF Domain 1, Member 2, Port 1/0/12 can only permit access to one or a list of specified MAC addresses?

It looks like 802.1X provides lots of great hot desk features, but we don't want a single port to allow any MAC address configured in the RADIUS server to be permitted to use it.  I suppose I'm asking that only MAC addresses within a department can use physical ports assigned to the department.

Many thanks for any help or pointers you may be able to give me.