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HP 5920 port not configurable

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HP 5920 port not configurable

Hi, with a HP 5920 we have, I got different commands when configuring a physical interface. For a few interfaces, all commands available are as follows.

Ten-gigabitethernet_ids interface view commands:
cfd Connectivity Fault Detection (CFD) module
description Describe the interface
diagnostic-logfile Diagnostic log file configuration
display Display current system information
flow-interval Set the interface statistics interval
logfile Log file configuration
monitor System monitor
ping Ping function
port Set port attributes
priority-flow-control Priority-based flow control (PFC) configuration
quit Exit from current command view
return Exit to User View
save Save current configuration
security-logfile Security log file configuration
shutdown Shut down the interface
tracert Tracert function
undo Cancel current setting

Any other commands available with the other interfaces just not there, such as ip, flow-control, arp etc.

Hot sure how to make this configurale. Any suggestions are appreciated.



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Re: HP 5920 port not configurable


Currently your port act as a bridge port. If you want to use those routing commands, you should change the port to a route port. like this:

port link-mode route

Hope this helps