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HP5900 speed negotiation

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HP5900 speed negotiation

Good Morning,

         I was after a little help regarding a HP Storageworks MSL2024 Tape Library connecting to a HP5900. I currently have one tapedrive that I need to connect into a 5900. The only issue I have is that the Tape Library has a 100Mb connection, and the 5900 doesn't seem to want to negotiate down.


I have a range of SFP's that I have tried, 


HP X120 1G SFP RJ45


This SFP will not negotiate, or be hard coded to be 100Mb


CISCO GLC-T 30-1410-03


On the HP5900 this SFP will not negotiate, or be hard coded below a gig.


When in a cisco switch, we can hard code this SFP to 100M


Has anyone had a similar experience before? Do I need to get dedicated 100Mb SFP's?


The switchports say they are 100/1000/10000 - I have set the speed on the to 100, but the links will not come up.


Any help on this matter, or help tracking down a 100Mb RJ45 SFP would be much appreciated.


Thank You






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Re: HP5900 speed negotiation

Have now found the information I require.