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HPE 5900 LACP configuration / BAGG Example


HPE 5900 LACP configuration / BAGG Example

HPE Bridge aggregation (BAGG) is method of combining multiple physical connection into one single virtual interface increase the throughput.

To Create Bridge aggregation (BAGG) following steps need to be considered

1.Create a  Bridge aggregation interface , by default it takes static aggregation group

[5900]interface Bridge-Aggregation 10

[5900-Bridge-Aggregation10] link-aggregation mode dynamic

2. We need associate the interfaces which needed to be part of BAGG . Once you associated the physical interface, you need to make changes only on bridge aggregation interface

[5900]interface GigabitEthernet1/0/48

[5900-GigabitEthernet1/0/48]port link-aggregation group 10

[5900]interface GigabitEthernet1/0/49

[5900-GigabitEthernet1/0/49port link-aggregation group 10

3.Pass the vlan on BAGG interface

[5900]interface Bridge-Aggregation 10

[5900-Bridge-Aggregation10]port link-type trunk

[5900-Bridge-Aggregation10]port trunk permit vlan

To verify the BAGG / Link-aggregation,

  ===============display link-aggregation summary=============== 

Aggregation Interface Type:

BAGG -- Bridge-Aggregation, RAGG -- Route-Aggregation

Aggregation Mode: S -- Static, D -- Dynamic

Loadsharing Type: Shar -- Loadsharing, NonS -- Non-Loadsharing

Actor System ID: 0x8000, bdca-cha6-4d38


AGG        AGG   Partner ID              Selected  Unselected  Individual  Share

Interface  Mode                          Ports     Ports       Ports       Type


BAGG10    D     0x8000, bdca-cha6-23c1  2         0           0           Shar


  ===============display link-aggregation verbose=============== 

Loadsharing Type: Shar -- Loadsharing, NonS -- Non-Loadsharing

Port Status: S -- Selected, U -- Unselected, I -- Individual

Flags:  A -- LACP_Activity, B -- LACP_Timeout, C -- Aggregation,

            D -- Synchronization, E -- Collecting, F -- Distributing,   G -- Defaulted, H – Expired


Aggregate Interface: Bridge-Aggregation10

Aggregation Mode: Dynamic

Loadsharing Type: Shar

System ID: 0x8000, bdca-cha6-4d38



  Port             Status  Priority Oper-Key  Flag


  XGE1/0/48        S       32768    2         {ACDEF}

  XGE1/0/49        S       32768    2         {ACDEF}



  Actor            Partner Priority Oper-Key  SystemID               Flag  


  XGE1/0/48       68      32768    2         0x8000, bdca-cha6-23c1  {ACDEF}

  XGE1/0/49         3       32768    2         0x8000, bdca-cha6-23c1  {ACDEF}

For successful bridge-aggregation the flags ACDEF must match with remote interface.

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