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How to configure stacking for 4500

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How to configure stacking for 4500

Hi, I recently purchased 2 4500 50-ports switches and I am having problem configure them to stack. I connected the switches via rj-45 cat 6 cable using the supplied transceivers. So far my configurations are shown below.

SW1 transceiver on port 50 donwlink:

fabric-port gigabitethernet 1/0/49 enable

fabric-port gigabitethernet 1/0/50 enable

change unit-id 1 to 1

SW2 transceiver on port 49 uplink:

fabric-port gigabitethernet 2/0/49 enable

fabric-port gigabitethernet 2/0/50 enable

change unit-id 1 to 2

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Re: How to configure stacking for 4500

 it seem's it's not possible without using the rear ports.


check out:



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Re: How to configure stacking for 4500

Hi. You have to setup the ports as follows:

fabric port gi 1/0/50 enable

fabric port gi 2/0/49 enable

Connect these ports using the UTP cable. The firmwares and file system in both switches need to be exactly the same. The 1/049 and 2/0/50 ports can be used to connect the stack to the core or distribution switch, and can be aggregated using link-aggregation feature.

Issue the commands:

fabric save topology

fabric save unit-id

In order to see the status of the stack:

display xrn

display ftm topology

The 4500 switches does support stacking; the 4500G uses the rear 10G ports with CX4 modules.